Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prayers Please

I have just about fallen off the grid-- I am truly sorry for that.  I lost my password and needed to recover it and then I had to go back to work.  Mind you, the doctor said 4 hrs light duty, Unfortunately, there is no such thing as light duty and 4 hours doesn't pay my deductions from my paycheck.  They have me back 8 hours full duty, which means I drag home and put a heating pad on my back and an ice pack on my elevated ankle.  Needless to say, nothing is getting done at home.  I need prayers for healing or I am going to go mad.  I am so depressed that nothing is getting done and my house is such a disaster.  I have 2 blog hops due soon- one next weekend.  I will be working on the Sand and Sea one this weekend if it kills me.... house be damned.... the filth will have to stay.  I need to finally do something I might actually enjoy!!  all prayers for healing and uplifting my spirits thankfully accepted.

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