Tuesday, December 18, 2012

going to get in the swing of things if it kills me :)

ok.... my timing always seemed to be off, so why should I  be surprised that my attempt at blogging is any different??

Now that I have had surgery - 2 plates and numerous pins, screws, etc. in my ankle, and a few days of percocet fog, I should be able to start getting into some sort of a routine around here.. mind you interrupted by all the things that.. oops... I can't quite do this, or I can't quite do that...., but I am going to attempt to get myself situated on the WWW as much as possible because I can get to the laptop from my pillow covered bed. ( pillows for elevating the ankle)
Hubby is doing much better too, but, partially because I am so limited on what I can do, and partially because in 1940 when this house was built, doorways were narrower and there was no concern when they added on if there was a step or not, I don't think he can come home right away.when he does come home, he will be limited to 2 or 3 rooms of the house for a while.  At least with my walker, I can sidestep into the narrow rooms, and my left leg is going to be super strong with the hops into higher or lower rooms.  This whole thing may be a good excuse to get my sister B back into beading because I will need help getting things out and putting them away.  I have a small bedroom for my studio and it is literally floor to ceiling with everything.  I'm pretty good at waist to head right now, but can't climb or reach well on 1 foot... going to be interesting...

I am anxiously awaiting my first blog challenge.. I should be receiving it in the mail this week.  Then I need to get going on the beadsoup challenge... I know what my theme will be, just need to think about it and decide where I want to go with it.  I am really looking forward to getting creative after about a  month's forced  hiatus.

remember everyone that when I get to 500 likes on my facebook page, I am doing a drawing for a custom wire wrap piece... spread the love... send my site to your friends.....
facebook : Rivers Roost

all for now... see ya on the flip side.

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