Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prepping for a show when too busy

Ok, everyone says I should have a blog-- but I hate writing.  Things never come out like I want.  But i will give it a try.  I have the biggest (and most expensive) show I have ever done coming up in less than a month.  How do I get anything done for it?  By the time I get home from work and shovel a path through my disaster called a house, I am too pooped to pop. I am trying to force myself to do 1 item per day. oh well, it will at least mean I have lots of earrings, lol. They are the quickest things I can do.  I have a Church ride today so won't have a lot of time today either.  when I get home from that, I am going to pick up one of my ufo's(un-finished objects) and finish it for the show- then I need to straighten some in the studio.  I have creators block created by the chaos in there right now. Maybe I will have enough time to straighten it enough to actuall be able to get things done without having to spend half my time searching for something I know I have.  Wish me luck!

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