Sunday, November 18, 2012

Full steam ahead!

Church parking lot sale done (cool and many events going on). Not a good sale, but still good advertising.  Now it is on to PUSH to get as much done as possible for the Arts festival! Tablecloths to make, signs to make, more business cards to print, packing and cleaning, and of course, make as much as I can! Wish me luck! I also need to do a thorough cleaning on my house to prep it for Thanksgiving dinner.  Made my shopping list last night.  I think I will send hubby out to get it this afternoon.  That will give me a bit of quiet time to sew.  My sewing machine is on the desk, in an alcove right off the living room where he will be blasting some game or show if he is home. I also need to inventory my Christmas gifts made and purchased to figure out what I have left to do/buy.  I might be able to get most of the rest of it done at the festival this weekend if I can get hubby to cover the booth for a bit.

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