Monday, December 24, 2012


my honey is home- now for a few days of adjusting to what we can and can't do and the best way to arrange the furniture so we can get around and with any luck, I will be able to put a bit of weight on my foot so I can get in my studio so I can bead!!  We already had someone pull all our throw rugs and move a couple pieces of furniture to back room which we can't use because of steps down into it so shouldn't be too bad.  Neighbor coming Wednesday to put grab bars in the bathroom so that will be easier for both of us.. now on to the daunting task of trying to line up rides for our post op and pt appts.... ahhh but it could be a lot worse...we are together for Christmas so that is our gift!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

He's coming home!

Bill may be able to come home next Monday afternoon.  We have to get rides to the VA hospital every day though for PT.  Not as easy as it sounds- he can't bend his leg and is in a wheelchair.  Trying to figure out how we will do this, but so happy he is coming home.  Things will get on a bit more normal keel around here :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

going to get in the swing of things if it kills me :)

ok.... my timing always seemed to be off, so why should I  be surprised that my attempt at blogging is any different??

Now that I have had surgery - 2 plates and numerous pins, screws, etc. in my ankle, and a few days of percocet fog, I should be able to start getting into some sort of a routine around here.. mind you interrupted by all the things that.. oops... I can't quite do this, or I can't quite do that...., but I am going to attempt to get myself situated on the WWW as much as possible because I can get to the laptop from my pillow covered bed. ( pillows for elevating the ankle)
Hubby is doing much better too, but, partially because I am so limited on what I can do, and partially because in 1940 when this house was built, doorways were narrower and there was no concern when they added on if there was a step or not, I don't think he can come home right away.when he does come home, he will be limited to 2 or 3 rooms of the house for a while.  At least with my walker, I can sidestep into the narrow rooms, and my left leg is going to be super strong with the hops into higher or lower rooms.  This whole thing may be a good excuse to get my sister B back into beading because I will need help getting things out and putting them away.  I have a small bedroom for my studio and it is literally floor to ceiling with everything.  I'm pretty good at waist to head right now, but can't climb or reach well on 1 foot... going to be interesting...

I am anxiously awaiting my first blog challenge.. I should be receiving it in the mail this week.  Then I need to get going on the beadsoup challenge... I know what my theme will be, just need to think about it and decide where I want to go with it.  I am really looking forward to getting creative after about a  month's forced  hiatus.

remember everyone that when I get to 500 likes on my facebook page, I am doing a drawing for a custom wire wrap piece... spread the love... send my site to your friends.....
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all for now... see ya on the flip side.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It has been a really rough few days.  Bill is finally in a rehab facility at the VA complex.  He is off oxygen and starting to gain strength and heal.  I had my ankle reconstructed yesterday and am a bit "loopy" from the painkillers, but because they had to put a second plate in, I was told to not worry about that,  I need to get the pain under control so I can start healing.  Once I can cut back to 1 pill every 4 hrs instead of 2 every 4, I will be able to start getting a few little things done around here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

didn't drop off face of earth

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth--- Hubby and I had to lay our motorcycle down to avoid hitting a big F-150 pickup broadside.  Truck turned in front of us and stopped dead crossways in our lane.  Hubby is still in hospital and I have to find out Monday when I will be back in hospital for surgery on my nonexistent ankle.  I broke it in all 3 places it could be broken-- I can honestly say I have seen an ankle do things it shouldn't.  It was wobbling around like a wet noodle.  I was the lucky one-- I bailed so the bike didn't land on me, but ended up with bruised ribs, a grapefruit sized elbow and a crushed ankle.  My poor hubby, who is disabled due to reduced lung capacity, COPD, asthma, etc, is in rough shape.  He bruised his bad lungs, heart, broke 6 ribs, compound fracture of one leg and broken toe on other leg.  He is in the hospital and will be for some time.  they operated on the leg and have him in a full leg brace- ankle to thigh. Due to the lung problems, they are having to keep him on oxygen constantly.  If I am a bit scarce for the next few weeks, I hope you all understand....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

today's quote

from John F. Kennedy---
The Chinese use 2 brush strokes to write the word crisis. 1 brush stroke for  danger; the other for  opportunity.  In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

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